Mother's Day Gift Guide
Mother's Day is just around the corner and if there's ever been a year when our mamas deserve to be pampered, it's this one. Maybe you're like us and wait until the last minute to start thinking about a gift. We get it, so we put together a list of gift ideas to make your search for a token of your appreciation a little easier. Whether she's new to cannabis or she's been puffin' since before you were born - we've got something for every mom out there.  

For the beginner:

Gemstone Crystal Dry Pipe

gemstone crystal pipe
Moms who are new to consuming may feel iffy about officially owning “paraphernalia." Start her off right with this sturdy-yet-feminine crystal pipe that's discreet enough to blend right in with her home decor, making her feel comfortable dipping her toes in the water. Available in 10 different types of gemstones! 


30mL Dripper Diamond Quartz Cleaner

diamond glass cleaner

She may not know it yet, but a clean bowl makes all the difference. This all-natural, biodegradable cleaner is the perfect entry-level option for cleaning out your mama’s bowls. Made from 100% plant-derived ingredients, this stuff gets glass clean fast, especially if you heat it up a little first!


Kandl Scented Candles

scented candle kandl smoke odor

For some people, the potent smell of sweet mary jane can take some getting used to. Help mom get rid of unwanted smoke odor residue to keep the vibe right with these delectable candles. With 7 different scents to choose from, you can customize the candle to your mom’s favorite aroma! 


Avocadope Pendant

Avocado avocadope glass pendant

Who wouldn't want to wear a tiny avocado around their neck? This is a great gift for moms who support your consumption habits but choose not to consume themselves… or for moms who reach for avocados when they have the munchies! 

For the intermediate:

Porcelain Water Pipe by Ceramic Smokeware

Porcelain Water Pipe by Ceramic Smokeware

These handcrafted, aesthetically pleasing pipes are a perfect artisan piece for moms who want to upgrade from a dry pipe to a water pipe. These are a truly unique gift, as they are handmade in limited quantities in Salt Lake City, UT with non-toxic, lead-free materials and bright pops of color. These babies sell out quick, so scoop one now before they’re gone!


Ice Cream Cone Poker

Ice cream cone bowl poker

No mom should be using a toothpick, bobby pin, paper clip, or any other non-designated object to clear the ash from her bowls. Grab her one of these little ice cream cone pokers just in time for summer! 


Groovy Journey Mandala Dab Mat

mandala dab mat

Help your mama keep her sesh station clean and add a pop of color to her space while she's at it. This mat can cushion your mama’s glass pieces from hard surfaces, be a safe zone for sticky dab tools, or serve as a launch pad for your consumption goodies, whether its flower, wax, or both!


Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Crossbody

smell proof smellproof odor proof crossbody bag

This discreet, smell-proof bag will help your mama feel confident leaving the house with her stash. The minimalist design is bound to match her look, no matter her style, and the carbon lining keeps odors in so she doesn’t have to worry about drawing unwanted attention. 


For the advanced: 

Mini Rig - Strawberry Cough Shampoo Bottle

Mini Rig Strawberry Cough Shampoo Bottle

Extra gentle and tear free! Bring on the nostalgia with the ultimate stoner gift that a 90s kid could give their maternal counterpart. It’s bound to bring on flashbacks to the early days that will have your mom feeling sentimental while she’s enjoying her favorite terps!


BENJI Premium Glass Tray Rolling Kit

BENJI Premium Glass Tray Rolling Kit

Now you can supply mom with some Benjamins without emptying out your wallet! This stylish kit includes a modern glass rolling tray, a pack of $100 bill rolling papers, and a set of 3 cones, as well as a protective box to keep it safe in storage. Everything your mom needs to feel like a boss the next time she’s rolling up for her and her 420-friendly friends. 


Smokey Bliss Joint Holder

Smokey Bliss Joint Holder

These elegant joint tips will elevate your mom's session experience and help to cool down the smoke for smoother hits. They're hand-blown in Seattle by Danielle Guthrie, so you can feel good about supporting a female glass blower in your mom's honor. 


iDab Mustard Yellow Banger Cap & Dabber

iDab Mustard Yellow Banger Cap & Dabber

Your mom is bound to thank you for adding this iDab piece to her collection! These 2-in-1 dabber caps are equally convenient and easy on the eyes. The pointed tip allows for easy scooping, and the carb cap allows her to control the airflow for the ultimate experience of flavor and smoothness. 


Happy toking, Mom!

May 06, 2021 — Whitney Adrian