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Dab Accessories

When you’re going terp hunting, you need the right tools and equipment to make your sesh a success! Thankfully, it’s easy to find the dab accessories you need at Empire Smokes. We have a wide selection of great brands and products to keep your sessions lit. Shop our selection of dab accessories to go with your dab rig, and you’ll be on the fast track to getting the biggest, thickest vapor clouds along with the perfect flavor and the effects you’re looking for.

Solutions to Your Dabbing Problems

Some problems are incredibly hard to solve. You’ll know that if you’ve ever taken a calculus class, if you’re a government official, or if you’ve ever gotten so high you couldn’t even remember how to microwave hot pockets. But some problems are as easy as one-two-three: when the first step is visiting, the second step is clicking “add to cart,” and the third is having your new dab accessories shipped right to your door!


For example, if you always lose your torch, we have lighter holsters for your dab rig and all-in-one tools that keep your dab accessories (like dabbers, grinder, and lighters) in one place. If you’re suffering from a leaky container for your concentrates, we have top-of-the-line, airtight and watertight canisters that will hold even the runniest oil with zero leaks. Or maybe your new favorite concentrate is super sticky and hard to manage… a fancy budder cutter dabbing device is what you need to solve your problem! You can even take your dabbing habit on the road with a trendy new nectar collector.

The Best Dab Tools and Dabbers

Dabbers are a super simple tool by their very nature. So the best dabber all comes down to your own personal preferences. Do you like Star Wars or GoT? Are you an animal lover? Do you want something super intricate and unique that none of your friends has, or do you want a simple metal dabber that will last even through the apocalypse? We have tons of dabbers and dab tools so that you can match your rig, fit your own personal style, or find the perfect gift for a friend. Get a dish & dabber set if you want to set your tool down on a dedicated surface. We even have some more advanced, high-end dabbing tools to help you deal with difficult, sticky waxes.

Dab Rig Accessories: Carb Caps, Dab Mats, and Torches, Oh My

Our most popular dab accessories include dabbers, dab mats, carb caps, nectar collectors, and combination dabbers/carb caps. Outfit your rig with the latest accessories and go chase that THC.


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Los Angeles Grams Silicone Mat

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Dab Accessories