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For subtle style on the go, outfit your atomizer with a customized replacement glass globe for oil and concentrate. These globe attachments are designed to be used with globe style vaporizers. They’re tiny, but they sure are functional -- and cute, too!

Why Should I Use a Globe Attachment?

Empire Smokes’s glass globes allow you to personalize your vape with a gorgeous piece of art. They are functional chambers that replace the existing top portion of your vape pen.

What Kind of Globe Attachment Should I Get?

Get a stylish globe attachment modeled after your favorite candy, an adorable creature, a cartoon character, or even… Bees? No matter what design you choose, they’re all perfect travel companions.

Dr Dabber - Layback Recycler -  - Globe - Cloud Culture - 1 Quick View

Layback Recycler

$ 99.95

Dr Dabber - Recycler Pendant -  - Globe - Cloud Culture - 1 Quick View

Recycler Pendant

$ 99.95