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Herbal & Oil Vaporizer

A modern-day headshop wouldn’t be complete without a selection of vaporizers. Whether you’re a daily vaper or someone who just wants an easy, portable, discreet option for when you’re traveling or out in public, we have vaporizers, oil vapes, herb vapes, dab pens, concentrate pens, and wax pens to fit your needs. Those are all just fancy words for “vape.” Though the technology of an “electronic cigarette” might throw you off, they’re really simple to use!

What Vaporizers are Best for Me?

It all comes down to your preferences. Do you prioritize style or discreteness? Do you want something incredibly tiny or something with a bit more heft to it? Are you a beginner or advanced vaper? We have something for just about everyone, including starter kits that will give you everything you need. Vapes also come at many different price points, so you can choose exactly how much you want to spend based on your budget and how often you plan to vape. Some people tend to make a vape their regular vehicle for the good stuff, while others only use their vape when they’re traveling or on the go. It’s all up to you!

Vapes: Perfect for an Adventurous Lifestyle

At Empire Smokes, we’re all about experiencing new things. Getting outdoors, traveling the country -- or the world -- seeing brand-new sights and breathing in the fresh air -- those are all things we cherish. When you have an herbal vaporizer or dab pen, you can medicate wherever you go. On the beach, on the side of a mountain, or on the balcony of your hotel room wherever your travels take you… a vape is small, portable, and discreet enough that it can always be at your side.

Sokol - Sokol Art of War Vape Kit -  - Concentrate Vaporizer - Cloud Culture - 1 Quick View

Sokol Art of War Vape Kit

$ 79.99

Nest2 Connoisseur Pen Quick View

Nest2 Connoisseur Pen

On Sale $ 49.99
Sold Out Regular price
$ 72.99

Subherban Art Supreme Vapor Kit Quick View

Subherban Art Supreme Vapor Kit

On Sale $ 60.00 Regular price
$ 159.99

Cloud E-nail Bubbler Kit Quick View

Cloud E-nail Bubbler Kit

On Sale $ 60.00
Sold Out Regular price
$ 120.00

PuffCo Peak Oil Vaporizer Quick View

PuffCo Peak Oil Vaporizer

On Sale $ 374.99 Regular price
$ 379.99

Sony - Sony18650 VTC4 900mAh -  - Chargers & Batteries - Cloud Culture Quick View

Sony18650 VTC4 900mAh

$ 19.99

The Dipstick Vaporizer Quick View

The Dipstick Vaporizer

On Sale $ 119.99 Regular price
$ 189.95

PUFFCO Pro 2 Quick View


On Sale $ 59.99 Regular price
$ 94.99

Dr Dabber - Ghost Kit -  - Concentrate Vaporizer - Cloud Culture - 1 Quick View

Ghost Kit

On Sale $ 49.99 Regular price
$ 84.99

Dr Dabber - Aura Kit -  - Concentrate Vaporizer - Cloud Culture - 6 Quick View

Aura Kit

$ 89.95

LIFT Herbal Vaporizer Quick View

LIFT Herbal Vaporizer

$ 164.99

G PEN Herbal Vaporizer Quick View

G PEN Herbal Vaporizer

On Sale $ 60.00 Regular price
$ 74.99

Herbal & Oil Vaporizer