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Pyptek Labs, out of Denver Colorado, pride themselves in their aircraft aluminum grade, American hand made pipes.  No outsourced jobs, no factory assembly lines run by robots, just genuine hard working American people. 

Pyptek Pyps are protected by aircraft grade aluminum alloy which encase the glass components of all Pyptek models.  Processed through anodization, the aluminum oxide film on the exoskeleton creates a harder, more corrosion-resistant layer that protects against chipping and peeling.

Each Pyp core is made of highly specialized borosilicate glass, hand blown by professional glassblowers in Colorado.  This type of glass is specially engineered to with-stand massive amounts of heat and chemical corrosion.  The Pyptek team has dropped these pyps down mountains and ran them over with trucks, and haven't managed to break one yet.  Being able to withstand the elements, you can take the Pyptek on any adventure life may lead you.  The team over at Pyptek engineered their Pyps to be virtually indestructible. 

Every Pyptek Pyp is a little bit unique, and is built with love by an entire team of craftsmen and engineers before it gets to you.  Pyptek takes great pride in the love and science that goes into making each of our glass and metal pipes.

Pyptek Prometheus Pocket
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Pyptek Prometheus Pocket

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