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About the Artist

Humboldt Hempwick is the brain-child of Brett Watson, A Humboldt State University graduate who as a wildfire researcher and beekeeper always found joy in helping others through natural means. Brett takes great pride in creating world-class locally made products and we are proud to carry his premium hemp collection.
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Humboldt Hempwick

By Humboldt Hempwick

Your body is a temple. Why pollute it by breathing in dangerous butane and other noxious gases known to be hazardous to your health? We all agree that “what’s from the earth is the greatest worth.” Humboldt Hemp Wick is produced domestically in Humboldt County, California and made with 100% organic hemp fibers and beeswax.

Even better? These completely renewable resources are as kind to the planet as they are to your lungs.

And because hemp isn’t a gas, it doesn’t combust at the same extreme temperatures as butane. You’ll enjoy a pure, clean and chemical-free taste sensation with organic hemp wick that is ideal for lighting everything from fine cigars to hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes to medicinal herbs and pipes.

Choose from a variety of lengths and flame widths ranging from fine to heavy to ensure your smoking satisfaction in all settings and under all conditions.

Don’t miss out on maximizing the full flavor of your favorite greens. Humboldt Hemp Wick’s 100% organic alternative to butane lighters is the natural choice for your next blunt, bowl or bong.

Regular price $ 6.00

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