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  • ResÖlution Res Caps
  • ResÖlution Res Caps
  • ResÖlution Res Caps
  • ResÖlution Res Caps
  • ResÖlution Res Caps
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About the Artist

In 2015, when a group of millennial college students thought to expand the Colorado culture through lifestyle-inspired products, ResÖlution was launched.  The cannabis culture has made significant growth in the past few years bringing in more consumers in all walks of life. They hope to transition the stigma about it in their lifestyle brand, creating a bridge into the conversation of a clean progressive cannabis community.

At ResÖlution, their team brainstorms to create innovative products on a daily basis that will change how the average cannaseur users go about their day.  ResÖlution hopes to build a lifestyle for millennials and beyond.

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ResÖlution Res Caps

By ResÖlution

We've all been there; shaking and spilling alcohol and salt all over while trying to clean a piece or water pipe. Or having a piece spill in your bag only to cause irreparable damage. Well Resolution has come to the rescue with their new Res Caps! Res Caps stretch and seal universally for an airtight fit over any glass piece, water pipe, steamroller or other glass accessory.This make for an extra fast and easy cleaning process. Res Caps are also Ideal for traveling and scent stopping! An essential for the lifestyle smoker.



  • One large cap primarily for mouthpieces
  • Two small caps for joints or small mouthpieces 


** For best results dry caps before and after each use



Diameter (Lrg Cap): 2.75"  Diameter (Sm Cap): 1.4"  Weight (Lrg Cap): 20 g  Weight (Sm Cap):  5 g



  • Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
  • Limited Quantity and Availability. 



Regular price $ 15.99

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