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  • UPC Ash Catcher
  • UPC Ash Catcher
  • UPC Ash Catcher
  • UPC Ash Catcher
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About the Artist

California based company found in 2006, UPC Glass offers great functioning, high quality gear for any occasion.  UPC strives to bring the best to their consumers by making simple, yet high functioning products at an affordable price.

Blown in California and shipped out of Georgia, UPC Glass maintains consistent quality for American Made glass with American Made jobs.



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UPC Ash Catcher


Ever wonder why the water pipe you use for flower always gets so dirty so quick?  The resolution to this pesky problem is an ashcatcher!  This UPS Ash Catcher is designed with a 14.5mm 45° reinforced male insert and a top loading bowl embedded into the attachment itself.  The down-stem features a 4-slit diffuser and an additional 5th hole at the end to boost airflow and prevent clogs of any sort.


  • 45° Reinforced Male Insert
  • Top Loading Embedded Bowl
  • 5-Hole Diffusing Downstem
  • Large Chamber
  • American Made Glass



Height: 4.25"  Base Diameter: 2.25"  Weight: 99 Grams



  • Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
  • Limited Quantity and Availability.

Regular price $ 38.00 Sale price

On Sale! Originally $ 49.99

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