Stoner Road Trip Essentials

Spring is here again. If you're like us, you've spent the past year planning all of the road trips you're going to take when this moment finally came. Well... it's almost here! Make sure you're fully prepared to get back into adventure mode with all of these road trip essentials. 

High Eye Rolling Tray

This stylish tray is the perfect option for your on-the-go rolling needs. The magnetic lid secures your flower in place when you’re on the move, so you can throw your tray in your bag and pick up where you left off easily. The lid easily snaps on to help you avoid spilling your precious goods while you’re on the road, far from your dispensary.


Rowll Papers

If you ask us, these kits were specifically designed for road trips. Complete with papers, filters, a rolling tray, and a funnel for easy distribution of your flower, these are a must-have for your adventures. There’s even a built-in grinder made from recycled plastic in case yours is out of reach!


Dab Cap

Nature dabs are the bees knees, but lugging your bulky torch and serving up your terps without making a mess is less than ideal. Enter: the trusty Dab Cap. Grab your favorite rig and a vape pen and boom - you’ve got a no-mess, no-fuss nature dab!


SLX Grinder

These grinders truly hold the power to the flower. SLX keeps it simple to deliver a reliable, consistent grind every time, so you'll never be slowed down by sticky buds. 


Veil Spray

Keep your car and your Airbnb’s smelling fresh with this travel-sized odor eliminator. Veil's special formula, complete with organic essential oils, breaks down cannabis smoke on a molecular level so you can fly under the radar when lighting up. A must-have for any kind of indoor consumption!


Piece Water


The only thing worse than dirty glass is the job of cleaning it. We highly recommend using Piece Water in with your favorite on-the-go water pipe to keep your glass resin-free while you’re on the road and avoid messy, make-shift clean up jobs. 


Terp Wipes

Keep your dabbers, atomizers, and bangers squeaky clean with these easy-to-pack iso wipes. They’re extra durable so you can keep your stash bag and your car clean from terp residue. 


Smojo Smoke Screens

Nothing kills the vibe quite like a clogged bowl, and when you’re road tripping the last thing you want to do is find a random object under your seat to clumsily unclog your glass with. We’ve all been there, and we’re not going back now that we have Smojo Smoke Screens in our lives. These small-but-mighty stainless steel screens keep your glass cleaner and your grass smoking smoother. 

April 21, 2021 — Whitney Adrian