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Don’t smoke herb out of a dirty bong! It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t taste good, and it’s not hygienic. At Empire Smokes, you can easily find everything you need to keep your bong, glass pipe, bubbler, or dab rig clean.

Bong Cleaners and Glass Cleaning Supplies

From q-tips to cleaners, odor neutralizers, and res caps, we can make it easier for you to de-gunk your piece so that you don’t dread cleaning day. We don’t know how to help you clean your kitchen, but we sure can help you keep your water pipe, dry pipe, or dab rig sparkling clean with our bong cleaners and glass cleaning supplies!

How to Clean Your Piece

If you have a glass piece that’s getting dingy from use, it’s time to clean that gunky resin off of your glass to keep it from ruining the flavor of your bud. Here’s how to clean your piece.

Grab any liquid glass cleaner that’s meant for bongs. (Put down the windex. It doesn’t solve everything!) Shake the bottle well to make sure the salts are mixed in, then fill your piece with the cleaning solution. Shake your piece to remove the resin. If the built-up resin doesn’t come off quickly, you’ll probably need to let it soak for an hour or two. Then, rinse thoroughly to get all the cleaner out of your piece.

You can actually re-use many glass cleaning solutions by pouring them through a coffee filter after use.

To keep your dab rig from getting dirty, you should keep some cotton swabs around to scoop the leftover oil out of every crevice and corner.

30mL Dripper Diamond Quartz Cleaner Quick View

30mL Dripper Diamond Quartz Cleaner

$ 6.00

Dab Kleen Cotton Swabs Quick View

Dab Kleen Cotton Swabs

$ 6.00

Formula 420 Smog Out Odor Neutralizer Quick View

Formula 420 Smog Out Odor Neutralizer

$ 4.99

Formula 710 Instant Cleaner Quick View

Formula 710 Instant Cleaner

$ 9.99

Grunge Off Super Soaker Quick View

Grunge Off Super Soaker

$ 19.99

Orange Chronic Air Freshener Quick View

Orange Chronic Air Freshener

$ 9.99

PieceWater H2O Replacement Quick View

PieceWater H2O Replacement

$ 14.99

Randy's Orange Label Quick View

Randy's Orange Label

$ 10.99

ResÖlution Res Caps
Green - ResÖlution Res Caps Black - ResÖlution Res Caps White - ResÖlution Res Caps
Quick View

ResÖlution Res Caps

On Sale $ 11.99 Regular price
$ 15.99

Multiple Colors

Cleaning Products