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To get the most out of your favorite flower or bud, you gotta grind it down to the right size before you pack your bowl or roll a blunt. Grinders often double as containers to catch kief and store your bud, too!

We offer a selection of easy-to-use, portable, durable grinders from the best brands. You can even get a fun LED grinder or a cool design. Plus, we have nearly every color, from pink to blue to black, even rainbow! And if you want a fidget spinner on top of your grinder? Yep, we’ve got that, too.

SLX - SLX Non-Stick Grinder 2" -  - Grinder - Cloud Culture - 1 Quick View

SLX Non-Stick Grinder 2"

$ 50.00

Dark Annie Grinder Quick View

Dark Annie Grinder

$ 20.00

NeoChrome Fidgit Spinner Grinder Quick View

NeoChrome Fidgit Spinner Grinder

$ 35.00