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Dry Pipe

At Empire Smokes you can find all types of spoon pipes, dry pipes, and chillums. All are made in America and crafted from durable borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. They feature a wide range of unique characteristics, including silver fuming (color changing), sand blasting, and dichroic layering designs. Dry pipes are the perfect portable way to enjoy a smoke!

Take Your Hand Pipe Anywhere

Since you don’t need water or any special equipment, and since hand pipes are small enough to fit in your pocket, you can take them anywhere! Hiking, camping, chilling on the beach… you can use them on the go no matter where life takes you.

Types of Glass Pipes

There are so many styles of glass pipes available. Here are the most common ones.

  • Glass Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are shaped like a spoon! They are a very popular, traditional style that is easy to use and easy to fit into your pocket.

  • Sherlock

These nifty-looking pipes are named after Sherlock Holmes. They are a bit less portable than most other dry pipes, but they make up for it in looks. Most Sherlock pipes are designed to stand on your desk or table.

  • Chillum / One Hitter

This is the best style of dry pipe for taking on the go. They fit nicely in your hand, and they’re almost as discreet as a vape! A chillum or one hitter is a simple straight tube of glass, kind of like a cigar, and it’s meant for one person and one quick session… hence the name one-hitter. Chillums can be super simple and affordable, but you can also get more intricate glasswork.

  • Glass Blunt

This is exactly what it sounds like: a glass tube that is similar to a blunt, but without the need to roll. They’re easy to use (especially compared to a joint, which requires careful attention to make sure it burns evenly) and they allow you to load plenty of dry herb. Glass blunts are similar to chillums but a bit bigger, so you can pass them around the circle instead of being limited to one hit.

  • Steamroller

You can get powerful dry hits from steamrollers! If you like a hit that that’s a bit stronger and heavier, you’ll like glass steamroller pipes.

Hand-Blown Glass Dry Pipes and Heady Glass Pieces

The best thing about glass dry pipes is that you can get them in any style you like. At Empire Smokes, we have just about every type of themed dry pipe you can imagine. Our artisans use amazing techniques to create beautiful glass pipes that suit your style and preferences. Browse our selection of spoon pipes, sherlock pipes, chillums and one hitters, and glass blunts today!

Ronald Hump Dry Pipe Quick View

Ronald Hump Dry Pipe

$ 85.00

Hot Dog Hand Pipe Quick View

Hot Dog Hand Pipe

$ 80.00

Avocadope Dry Pipe Quick View

Avocadope Dry Pipe

$ 85.00

Shotgun Shell Chillum Quick View

Shotgun Shell Chillum

$ 45.00

7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Quick View

7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

On Sale $ 45.00 Regular price
$ 59.99

Shot Glass Taster Combo
Red - Shot Glass Taster Combo Blue - Shot Glass Taster Combo Purple - Shot Glass Taster Combo Green - Shot Glass Taster Combo
Quick View

Shot Glass Taster Combo

On Sale $ 14.99 Regular price
$ 19.99

Multiple Colors

6" Upline Steamroller Pipe
Red - 6" Upline Steamroller Pipe White - 6" Upline Steamroller Pipe Blue - 6" Upline Steamroller Pipe Black - 6" Upline Steamroller Pipe
Quick View

6" Upline Steamroller Pipe

On Sale $ 30.00 Regular price
$ 38.99

Multiple Colors

Under the Sea Mini Spoon Pipe Quick View

Under the Sea Mini Spoon Pipe

$ 55.00

Lady Bug Mini Spoon Pipe Quick View

Lady Bug Mini Spoon Pipe

$ 55.00

Owl Mini Spoon Pipe Quick View

Owl Mini Spoon Pipe

$ 55.00

Butterfly Mini Spoon Pipe Quick View

Butterfly Mini Spoon Pipe

$ 55.00

Signature Glassworks - SG Twisty Reversal Pipe -  - Dry Pipe - Cloud Culture - 5
Green/White - SG Twisty Reversal Pipe Orange/White - SG Twisty Reversal Pipe
Quick View

SG Twisty Reversal Pipe

On Sale $ 40.00 Regular price
$ 59.99

Multiple Colors

Pyptek Prometheus Pocket
Blue - Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Black - Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Red - Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Green - Pyptek Prometheus Pocket
Quick View

Pyptek Prometheus Pocket

On Sale $ 65.00
Sold Out Regular price
$ 84.99

Multiple Colors

Fred the Frog Chillum Quick View

Fred the Frog Chillum

$ 55.00

Honeycomb Chillum Quick View

Honeycomb Chillum

$ 50.00

Dry Pipe