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Founded back in 1822,  OCB uses modern advanced techniques to make paper from cellulose fibres that are taken from plants in managed forests, which are grown and harvested annually.  OCB's ultra-fine papers uses acacia gum, derived from the bark a species of acacia trees, which is the glossy strip on the edge of these papers.  Watermarking is the first stage in the transformation of these papers.  This delicate operation makes paper thinner and more transparent, a sign of quality.  Finally, it is thanks to the water marking that OCB paper makes it characteristic sound when it is rolled.

Large OCB Rolling Tray Quick View

Large OCB Rolling Tray

$ 21.99

Medium OCB Rolling Tray Quick View

Medium OCB Rolling Tray

$ 15.99

OCB Organic Hemp Papers
Quick View

OCB Organic Hemp Papers

From $ 4.99

Multiple Quantitys

OCB Slim Rolling Machine Quick View

OCB Slim Rolling Machine

$ 9.99

OCB Tropical Rolling Tray Quick View

OCB Tropical Rolling Tray

$ 15.99