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Smoking Accessories

Maybe you need to replace a lost or broken item or you just want to add to your workstation at home. Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a friend. No matter why you’re shopping for smoking accessories, you’re in the right place. Here at Empire Smokes, we carry it all, from cleaners to papers to rolling trays, dab mats, glassware, glass pendants, and more. Find the right smoking accessories for your needs when you browse our huge collection of smoking accessories today.

Make Smoking More Efficient, Convenient, and Fun!

Smoking is already a pretty great pastime, but tokers around the world appreciate the finer things in life… and smoking accessories are a great way to amp up your smoke sesh. Find original, unique accessories and 420 cleaners that will make your life that much easier and better! Our smoking accessories will help you find creative solutions to your smoking pet peeve or allow you to find the perfect gift for the stoner in your life.

Useful Smoking Accessories

Need to cool down your joint? Try a bubbler joint holder. Struggling to roll the perfect joint? You need a glass rolling tip, rolling tray, or rolling machines to help you out. Maybe you can’t seem to find the right airtight, smell-proof container to hold your dry herb. Or perhaps you’ve been on a quest for a dab mat that will keep your workstation neat and clean while also telling the world whether you’re House Stark or House Targaryen. No matter your need, we have solutions in our smoking accessories shop!

Cool Smoking Products

Do you have UV reactive glass pieces? If so, we have LED UV flashlights so you can show off the color-changing glass wherever you go. If you don’t have any UV reactive glass, we highly encourage you to check it out… these pieces are amazing! Our selection of cool smoking products doesn’t end there. We have novelty dabbers, ashtrays, rolling tips, smoke mats, grinders, and other high-quality, meticulously-designed products to add some wow factor to your smoking setup.

Stoner Birthday Gifts

Find a gift that will make your friend’s face light up with joy… while also helping them light up later on. Smoking accessories are a fantastic gift, and our wide selection makes it easy to find a gift for any budget. Maybe they’d like a new dab mat, a cool grinder, a unique rolling tip, a joint holder, a glass pendant, a new ashtray… the possibilities go on and on!

Higher State Creations - SlapPack Lighter Holster -  - Smoking Accessories - Cloud Culture - 1
Black - SlapPack Lighter Holster Blue - SlapPack Lighter Holster Green - SlapPack Lighter Holster Red - SlapPack Lighter Holster Yellow - SlapPack Lighter Holster Purple - SlapPack Lighter Holster Cali Bear White - SlapPack Lighter Holster Glow In The Dark - SlapPack Lighter Holster White - SlapPack Lighter Holster Pink - SlapPack Lighter Holster Light Blue - SlapPack Lighter Holster
Quick View

SlapPack Lighter Holster

On Sale $ 8.50 Regular price
$ 11.99

Multiple Colors

Shroomio Rolling Tray Quick View

Shroomio Rolling Tray

$ 15.99

Seuss Smoker Metal Dabber Quick View

Seuss Smoker Metal Dabber

$ 11.99

Seed Bead Dabbers
Pink - Seed Bead Dabbers Blue - Seed Bead Dabbers Purple - Seed Bead Dabbers
Quick View

Seed Bead Dabbers

On Sale $ 29.99 Regular price
$ 40.00

Multiple Colorss

Seaside Rolling Tip Quick View

Seaside Rolling Tip

$ 17.00

Sea Grass Rolling Tip Quick View

Sea Grass Rolling Tip

$ 17.00

RPG Rocket Launcher Dabber Quick View

RPG Rocket Launcher Dabber

$ 14.99

ROOR Hemp Papers
5 Packs - ROOR Hemp Papers
Quick View

ROOR Hemp Papers

From $ 4.99

Multiple Amounts

ROOR Glass Cleaner Quick View

ROOR Glass Cleaner

$ 13.00

Rollin Ball Z Metal Dabber Quick View

Rollin Ball Z Metal Dabber

$ 11.99

Higher State Creations - RigRider Holster -  - Dab Accessories - Cloud Culture - 1
Red - RigRider Holster Black - RigRider Holster Blue - RigRider Holster Yellow - RigRider Holster Green - RigRider Holster Purple - RigRider Holster Royal Blue - RigRider Holster White - RigRider Holster Glow In The Dark - RigRider Holster
Quick View

RigRider Holster

On Sale $ 8.50 Regular price
$ 11.99

Multiple Colors

Rickle Pick Rolling Tip Quick View

Rickle Pick Rolling Tip

$ 23.00

Rick Blown Bamboo Fiber Rolling Tray Quick View

Rick Blown Bamboo Fiber Rolling Tray

$ 25.00

ResÖlution Res Caps
Green - ResÖlution Res Caps Black - ResÖlution Res Caps White - ResÖlution Res Caps
Quick View

ResÖlution Res Caps

On Sale $ 11.99 Regular price
$ 15.99

Multiple Colors

ErrlyBird - Red Baron Wake n' Bake Torch Art™ -  - Dab Accessories - Cloud Culture - 1 Quick View

Red Baron Wake n' Bake Torch Art™

$ 64.99

RAW Hemp Rolling Machine Quick View

RAW Hemp Rolling Machine

$ 7.99

RAW 2-Pack Hempwick Quick View

RAW 2-Pack Hempwick

$ 12.00

RAW 13ft Hemp Wick Bundles Quick View

RAW 13ft Hemp Wick Bundles

$ 10.00

Radioactive Narwhal Dabber Quick View

Radioactive Narwhal Dabber

$ 49.99

Piranha Plant Dish & Dabber Quick View

Piranha Plant Dish & Dabber

$ 45.00

Pipes VS Rolls Rolling Tray Quick View

Pipes VS Rolls Rolling Tray

$ 15.99

PieceWater H2O Replacement Quick View

PieceWater H2O Replacement

$ 14.99

Orange Chronic Air Freshener Quick View

Orange Chronic Air Freshener

$ 9.99

On-The-Go Q-tip Pack Quick View

On-The-Go Q-tip Pack

$ 5.00

Smoking Accessories