Whether you’re a smoker or a dabber, you’ll find a wide range of smoking accessories at Empire Smokes. Keep your rig clean with our cleaning solutions, protect your surfaces with a dab mat, keep your concentrates safe and secure with our airtight containers, roll a perfect joint with premium rolling papers, and get the perfect dab with our dabbers and dishes! Relax and enjoy some out-of-this world clouds, because we have everything you need to make your smoking or dabbing experience the best it can be.

Accessories for Smoking

Here, you’ll find all kinds of things to make your smoking experience better, from LED UV flashlights to show off your color-changing UV-reactive glass, to ashtrays, rolling trays, roach clips, grinders, rolling tips, lighters, and more.

Accessories for Dabbing

We have a multitude of dabbers and dab mats/oil mats to suit anyone’s taste! You’ll also find torches to heat up your nail to the perfect temp and containers to store your concentrate. Whether you’re looking for pure function or you want to maintain a theme with your dabbing paraphernalia, we’ve got you covered with all the best dab brands and accessories.

Smoke Mats, Dab Mats, Oil Mats

No matter how you prefer to use them, mats are a great way to show your style, protect your tabletops, and keep your precious glass rigs from sliding around on the table. Empire Smokes literally has over a hundred different dab mats to choose from, in all sizes, shapes, colors, and themes! You’re sure to find one that speaks to your soul -- or your sense of humor. Not to mention, dab mats make a great gift for your stoner friends.

Cleaning Products

If you want your pipes and rigs to last a lifetime and keep providing great flavor time after time, you’ll need to clean them regularly. Thankfully, that’s an easy task with our wide range of 420 cleaners, q-tips, piece water, and other cleaning supplies for stoners.

Wick & Rolling Paper

Roll a classic joint with natural rolling papers and hemp wicks. You can even smoke the healthiest joint in town with organic hemp rolling papers.


Stoner glass pendants allow you to express your style with beautifully handcrafted art pieces. Enter the world of glass art and see what’s possible when you shop our selection of glass pendants! We have everything from trippy, seventies-inspired designs to intricate nature-inspired creations, and some of our pendants even double as a dabber. We also have chains so you can wear your pendant as a necklace.


Grinders don’t have to be basic! (Though, if that’s what you’re looking for, we do have plenty of simple ones!) Find a wide selection of grinders in all colors, shapes, and sizes at Empire Smokes. Find grinders inspired by your favorite movies or get one in your favorite color. 


No collection of stoner supplies is complete without some cool clothing and accessories. Show off your style with our collection of industry apparel including snapbacks, beanies, and other clothing and accessories.