Glass Products

Whether you’re looking for a simple and functional glass pipe or you want a stunning piece of art, we’ve got it at Empire Smokes online headshop! We’re a California headshop that strives to offer the best of the best glass products whether you’re at home or on the go.

 Shop for water pipes, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, oil rigs, spoon pipes, chillums, carb caps, bowl pieces, slides, quartz bangers, ashcatchers, precoolers, and more.

Why We Love Glass Products

  • Doubles as Décor

Glass is such an amazing and versatile medium. You can get it in any color, style, or effect you’re looking for. It can be crystal-clear or multi-colored. You can get simple designs or intricately-crafted creations. You can even get amazing effects, like fun color-changing UV-reactive glass! We work with glass artists who draw inspiration from all kinds of areas: pop culture, cannabis culture, nature, modern art, food, and more. No matter your style, you’ll love our selection of hand-blown glass products.

  • Durable and Long Lasting

It’s not just about the style: glass products are popular because they’re functional and practical. All of our glass products are made from durable, thick borosilicate glass. This is the type of glass used to make Pyrex dishware. There’s a reason antique shops are full of Pyrex. It lasts for a lifetime, it’s easy to clean, and it still looks great even after years of use. Smaller pieces like glass hand pipes are durable enough to toss in your pocket or backpack to take on the go! Save the intricate glass rigs for your couch sesh, though.

  • Heat Resistant and Flavorless

And that’s not all! Borosilicate glass is highly heat-resistant, which is important for bongs, pipes, and other items that are heated up on a regular basis. Glass also doesn’t add any unwanted flavor to your smoke. It won’t react with the smoke or absorb flavors over time. If you clean and maintain it properly, your glass piece will stay looking like new for decades.

  • There Are Options for Any Budget

Glass is extremely affordable considering that it lasts forever! When you consider that you’re getting a unique, individually handcrafted piece that will last a lifetime, glass is really a great deal. However, the more detailed the piece is, the more expensive it will be. We offer everything from high-end glass art to simple, budget-friendly pieces. If you want to make an investment into a piece that lasts, don’t shy away from glass.


Shop our wide selection of water pipes, dry pipes, bowl pieces, carb caps, and glass smoking accessories today! You’ll find excellent craftsmanship, high quality smoking gear, and top-notch customer service when you visit Empire Smokes Glass Boutique.