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Water Pipe

There isn't one ideal, "best" water pipe or bong that works for everyone. Rather, there are hundreds of types of water pipes to ensure you can find one that perfectly fits your needs. Just like all living beings on this planet, water pipes come in a wide range of forms, shapes, and sizes. We're always expanding our collection to include new designs for all types of smokers and many different price points.

You can get glass rigs for flower, concentrate, tobacco, and legal herbs. From towering bongs to portable nano rigs, we carry something for every water bubbling, hard-chugging, recycle-flowing connoisseur.

The Advantages of Water Pipes

Glass pipes are a popular choice for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Smoking via water pipe is smooth, easy on the throat, and low in carcinogens, making it a comfortable and healthier choice. Water pipes are also attractive and aesthetically pleasing. As an added bonus, they’re easy to clean and you can use them for years on end.

Anatomy of Water Pipes

Water pipes include different types of percolators, recyclers, and diffusers that help filter and cool your smoke or vapors as you inhale. They can be many different shapes and sizes, too. But no matter what style or size of water pipe you opt for, they will all have the same basic parts and functions. Figuring out the basic parts of a water pipe will help you discover which water pipe design is best for you.

  • Percolator

There are different types of percolators. However, they all have the same function: percolation, of course! In other words, they filter your smoke and cool it down to create a more enjoyable hit. A diffused downstem, or straight percolator, is the most common. It’s simply a tube with slits that let the smoke pass through the water, cooling it down. Tree percs are also fairly common, and they’re designed with an interesting shape that can give you more filtration and percolation than the basic diffused downstem perc. Some percolators are dome shaped, and they’re popular with many users because of the simple, attractive style. There are tons of different styles of percs, but they all function very similarly. Choose what looks best to you!

  • Bowl

The bowl is another important part of a water pipe: that’s where you place your dry herbs so you can start smoking.

  • Body

The body of your water pipe will likely be straight tube or beaker base. This just refers to the shape of the water pipe. Beaker base pipes can hold more water and they’re more stable against being accidentally knocked over, but straight water pipes have a sleek, attractive design.

  • Other Water Pipe Features

Some water pipes have an ice pinch and/or a splash guard. These extra features can help hold ice for better cooling and prevent water from splashing your lips when you’re taking a hit.

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Water Pipe