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  • Thorinder Blue/Black Grinder
  • Thorinder Blue/Black Grinder
  • Thorinder Blue/Black Grinder
  • Thorinder Blue/Black Grinder
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About the Artist

Thorinder™ grinders feature a patented one of a kind shredding system with super sharp, curved teeth and bolt slots to aid in the grinding process. Perfect for dry herbs, these grinders are 100% unique with a patented tooth design that is unlike any other grinder previously on the market.  Designed with a magnetized top for security, 100% stainless steel mesh inlay, smooth matte black outer coating, and made with anodized high grade CNC machined teeth.  Thorinder comes in a heavy duty protective clamshell box, and a fun guitar pick style cleaning tool.

Durable, precise, and built to last you a lifetime! When it comes to a grinder fit for a God, can you expect any less?

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Thorinder Blue/Black Grinder

By Thorinder


  • Blue Grinder Chamber with Bolt Cut-Outs
  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
  • Premium Metal Screens
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Thorinder After Glow Kief Pick


  •  Grinder Diameter: 2.25"  Height: 2.0"  Weight: 161 Grams



  • Limited Quantity and Availability.

Regular price $ 55.00

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